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This post has moved to this new Page.

I am glad to see that our priests are beginning to speak out on these issues.  In the last few years – especially since the 2004 election – bishops and priests alike are using the threat of excommunication for abortion and abortion-related acts.

A 33-year old man in Jensen Beach, Florida attempted to steal consecrated Hosts from a parish church during Communion, assaulting a priest and several parishioners in the process.

It is assumed by some that he intended to use the Hosts for some diabolical purpose; perhaps a Black Mass or something like that.  It should be noted that such a crime, if committed by a Catholic, incurs automatic excommunication that can only be lifted by the Pope himself (or presumably, a delegate).  Deliberate desecration of the Eucharist is the most serious crime in canon law, as it is an attempted assault on Jesus Christ Himself.