Disturbing Sex-Ed Program Being Adopted by Many Texas School Systems

Posted: December 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

Several Texas School Systems have adopted a curriculum called “It’s Your Game – Keep It Real” that is purported to advocate abstinence (as is required by Texas law), but in reality, pushes Planned Parenthood’s usual agenda of promoting promiscuity and licentious behavior.

Being called by its creators an “evidence-based” and “abstinence plus” program, it teaches 7th and 8th graders about aspects of sex that are not morally or ethically neutral (such as the biological process of procreation), but teaches what is being pitched as “harm reduction” – i.e., how to have sex but avoid undesirable consequences of sex such as STDs and unplanned pregnancy.  The effect is to give permission to these impressionable children to have sex as long as they “protect themselves” with condoms and various other techniques.

You can use your imagination as to what these techniques might be, or you can check out the Web site of the program at https://sph.uth.edu/iyg. (May be NSFW)

A group of parents in the Cy-Fair area near Houston has successfully convinced their school district to drop the program, due to its graphic and inappropriate nature.  They have worked to build a site at http://sexednurschool.com that keeps track of the school systems in Texas that have adopted (and in the case of Cy-Fair, later rejected) this program.

School systems that, as of today, are using the program are Aldine ISD, Alief ISD, Cold Spring Oakhurst, Galena Park ISD, Houston ISD (HISD), Huffman ISD, KIPP Charter Schools (now known as KIPP Public Schools), Lamar Consolidated, La Porte ISD, North Forest ISD, Sheldon ISD, Spring Branch ISD, and Spring ISD. (Source: http://www.sexednurschool.com/page/477943648)

Links to Planned Parenthood are apparent, as most if not all people involved in its development are directly connected to PP.

Further information can be found at the following links:



Sex Ed Gone Wild


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